ArQit: A quantum resistant business eco‑system on an open source blockchain. Helping the blockchain community to flourish in a post‑quantum environment.

Our blockchain future is under threat.

Our global society has been rocked by financial and political crisis, and now the blockchain systems that offer us the chance to re‑order society for mutual good are threatened by quantum attack.

The ArQit blockchain uses an open source enterprise ledger that is built to create quantum resistant distributed autonomous organisations for businesses and communities.

This ledger and quantum key distribution technology is the result of 3 years of development by a partnership of open source developer community combined with corporate and scientific organizations worldwide.

Together we can bring all aspects of distributed ledger technologies to the safety of quantum security.

The ArQit project brings together three powerful technology innovations:

At the heart of the blockchain is a ledger which uses an enterprise code base called Corda. It provides a transaction graph of discretely shared states similar to Bitcoin’s UTXO model. The system was designed to be representative of real‑world, multi‑stage, business flows and to model complex processes.

To this, our engineers have added distributed governance and economics allow for dynamic creation of Distributed Autonomous Organisations and dApps that meet the size and security needed for each specific use case.

To this blockchain we are adding Quantum Key Distribution and an ongoing research focus on improving quantum security.

The Encryption Process

There are 2 elements to the encryption process: The algorithm (lock box) and the key

Alice puts her data in the lock box

Alice puts the key in the lock and turns it to encrypt the data

Alice sends the encrypted data to Bob over the internet

Bob has a copy of the key.

Bob uses the key to unlock the lock box and unscramble the data

The keys that the World uses today are mainly the Public Private Key system. This form of key distribution will get hacked by Quantum Computers, which are around the corner.

ArQit is fixing the key problem by using Quantum Key Distribution. This uses the quantum properties of photons to create unique keys that can be shared between two parties in laser transmissions from a satellite. This is unhackable. These keys are embedded into the ArQit blockchain at Nodes, and also used to create shared secrets that can be used to safely onboard new users to the system.

But the World also needs to improve the lockbox. Many people, helpfully, are working on new algorithms, ArQit needs to partner with them and will fund new research into these techniques to create a truly collaborative community solution to the quantum threat.

Our Partners

ArQit is focused on partnering with major institutions to protect our future together. The companies partnering to create the quantum satellite network include:

Qinetiq Plc - The Prime Contractor for construction of spacecraft

BT Plc - the partner helping to define the customer requirements

QT Labs - a spin out from Academy of Sciences Austria, led by Dr Rupert Ursin

Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF The pre-eminent German not for profit academic research and development institute specialising in quantum optical engineering

The European Space Agency - Europe's premier space science research organisation

ArQit is now actively partnering with other blockchain organisations which share the vision and announcements will be made soon.


  1. Our core blockchain testnet will be deployed in September 2018 and following this launch we will be supporting a variety of new DApps in several industries including telecoms, media and real estate
  2. ArQit is setting up a blockchain whereby its Nodes will be able to be equipped with QKD. Initially, these QKD equipped nodes will be able to identify, and securely communicate with, other QKD equipped nodes. Later, it is hoped that QKD keys can be used with new forms of public verification that will replace compromised PKI. These Nodes are therefore highly trusted and Quantum secure. It will take two years to fully build out the satellite network delivering quantum keys
  3. It is not enough that blockchain systems protect their own infrastructure. It is essential for the blockchain industry that the Tier 1&2 telcos who deliver our messages make their own infrastructure secure. Since the ArQit token community has contributed to the establishment of the technology, telcos using the technology for other applications are also invited to do so. It is essential to propagate QKD widely. Therefore telcos are offered exclusive master distribution rights to the QKD technology in return for staking tokens, but must then distribute to all qualifying telcos on a fair and equitable basis.
  4. Advanced Quantum research—ArQit’s quantum keys need to work in tandem with post quantum algorithms for encryption and signature. The ArQit Foundation will immediately begin to source research proposals and collaborate with a wide variety of organizations

What is the AQT Token and how is it used?

AQT token has utility in several ways

Incentivises users to establish and run quantum nodes

Motivates trusted third parties to certify users onto quantum nodes

Allows other blockchain systems to access to quantum nodes

Incentivises community to participate in post quantum signature research

Used to distribute services to make underlying telecoms infrastructure secure

The Team

We have an amazing combination of quantum physics, blockchain and business skills. The team at ArQit were early pioneering members of the community that built Corda. We have a combined 25 years of experience with distributed applications and over 100 years experience in space science.

The blockchain development team

Richard Crook

Chief Blockchain Engineer

Leads a team of engineers and innovators looking at emerging technologies and their applications. 20-year career in investment banking technology, specialising in the building of financial ledgers and regulatory reporting for the largest financial service institutions

Ben Wyeth

Distinguished Engineer

20 years’ experience in agile, grid-based pricing and the last 2 years on distributed ledger technologies

Farzad Pezeshkpour

Distinguished Engineer

Technical lead, systems engineer, of more than 20 years of experience in Finance, Gaming, and Defence, has been working with distributed ledgers for the past 2 years.

Mark Simpson

Distinguished Engineer

20 years’ experience as a software engineer in the financial services industry. He has been active in the Ethereum, Hyperledger, Fabric and R3 Corda open source projects including contributing code and speaking at a number of events.

The quantum and space team

David Bestwick


Astrophysicist, winner of the Arthur C Clarke Prize, and architect of ArQit QKD system

Dr Lee Boland

R&D Director, ArQit

Space engineer, former Head of R&D Surrey Satellites

Jack Blockley


Cyber Security Entrepreneur, Launched Trusteer in Europe and sold to IBM

Andrew Yeomans


Former Head of Security Engineering, Commerzbank and Lead Application Security Architect, Lloyds Bank

David Williams


Former CEO of Avanti, a $1bn space start up. UK Growth Company Entrepreneur of the Year 2008

Prof Rupert Ursin

Chief Quantum Scientist

Assistant Professor of Quantum Optics, Academy of Sciences Vienna. Globally acknowledged expert in Free Space Quantum Key Distribution

Dr Thomas Scheidl

Quantum Scientist

Thomas Scheidl has been working in the field of free-space quantum communication under real-world conditions for 13 years and has been responsible for a number of ESA projects.

Dr. Fabian Steinlechner

Quantum Scientist

Fabian Steinlechner is an expert in quantum communications and one of the world leaders in the development of ultra-bright and high-quality entangled photon sources.

Dr Thomas Herbst

Quantum Scientist

Thomas Herbst is an expert in quantum communication and free-space optical communication.

The ArQit advisers

Barry Childe


Distinguished Engineer, Director Innovation at HSBC. Leading DLT Development expert, Named in Lattice80 Top 100 blockchain influencers

Tim Grant


CEO DrumG, DLT pioneer. Named in Lattice80 Top100 blockchain influencers

Dr D Williams


Executive Director, CSIRO. Formerly Director of EUMETSAT

Katherine Courtney


Former CEO UK Space Agency

Nick Miles


Leading Public Relations Entrepreneur, Founder of Montfort

John Paton


John is the Chairman of IVA Ventures. He was the CEO of Digital First Media – the second largest newspaper group in America. He has been involved in more.than $7B of financings and transactions in the media and digital space. He has sat on both private and publicly listed company boards in four countries. He is currently the Chairman of TMT Blockchain Fund and a director of the Guardian.

Stephen Chandler


Managing Partner, Notion Capital

James Bruegger


Managing Partner, Seraphim Space Ventures

Post Quantum Research Alliance

Get involved to protect our future!

ArQit has established the Post Quantum Research Alliance to bring together the blockchain industry in a community endeavour to promote, create and fund research into the necessary security techniques that will be needed to make blockchain technology resilient from attacks from Quantum Computers.

Members include:

Qubit Protocol
Esoteric Capital

ArQit is now actively partnering with other blockchain organisations which share the vision and announcements will be made soon.

Please sign up for our research community by completing the research questionnaire.

Research Questionnaire