ArQit: The World’s first global quantum encryption SaaS Business.

New Cyber threats are emerging.

The expectation of quantum attack, and escalating classical computing threats requires a new response.

The emergence of quantum computing means that mainstream encryption techniques will be compromised. There are a variety of solutions to this problem emerging. The ArQit system offers a significant contribution to keeping our digital World safe.

By injecting quantum keys into the major peering points at the heart of the Internet, we can keep the control planes of the World’s network safe. Large corporations can keep their cloud applications safe. And through new Arqit innovations, we can deliver quantum enabled security to consumer end points.

The ArQit project brings together three powerful technology innovations:

Advances in small satellite technology means that it is now possible to launch and fly robust, fully-stabilised, secure satellite platform constellations in low earth orbit at low cost.

Advances in optical technology means that accurate and powerful instruments can be used in space and on ground to transmit and detect photons to the required level of accuracy.

Our innovation in creating quantum enabled security products brings commercial and consumer communications into the quantum realm for the first time.

Most of our communications are protected by Public Private Key technology which has served us well for decades. However this is compromised by Quantum Computers, which are around the corner.

ArQit is fixing the key problem by using Quantum Key Distribution. This uses the quantum properties of photons to create unique keys that can be shared between two parties in laser transmissions from a satellite. This is “provably secure”, or unhackable, and will greatly enhance the security of existing symmetrical algorithms to guarantee secure communications. It will also boost the strength of some Post Quantum Algorithms for a variety of applications.